Having worked in conservation for 10 years in my home county of Hertfordshire, moving to Gloucestershire to work on the Limestone’s Living Legacies project has been very exciting indeed. Not only am I getting to explore stunning new landscapes and learn about new species, I am also involved with the Back from the Brink project.

For me, this exciting new initiative bringing together so many conservation organisations really shows the collective desire and determination to not allow any more of our species to go extinct.

Here in the Cotswolds, myself and our Conservation Officer Julian (who has 30 years’ experience restoring and managing limestone grassland sites) will be working to conserve an array of different species - from bats and bees, to plants and butterflies. All have one requirement in common – unimproved limestone grassland.

This special, flower-rich habitat provides each species with a place to grow, feed and reproduce, making it vital that first and foremost - we protect this habitat. Limestone’s Living Legacies aims to restore and manage a network of limestone grassland sites, which in turn will provide more habitat for these rare and threatened species enabling them to move throughout the landscape and colonise new areas.

Alongside this we will also be working hard to raise awareness of the limestone grassland habitat and the special species it supports, while also showing people how they can do their bit to help. Whether this is through managing their own land sympathetically, getting involved with practical management, or helping with species surveys, all will be essential in securing the future for our threatened species.

Jennifer Gilbert
Community Engagement Officer