Hello all.

This is just a short paragraph or two about me to you all. I’m Kevin O’Hara, an ecologist with a background in mammal conservation, namely otters and water voles, but I have a particular penchant for small carnivores. I have worked on a number of projects involving mammals, working with volunteers and local communities in the north east of England to foster lasting legacies.

I can’t begin to tell you all how thrilled I am to be given the opportunity to be the new Pine Marten Project Officer in the north of England with The Vincent Wildlife Trust for the Back from the Brink project. I am already overwhelmed by the response I’ve had from the public about this project and I have little doubt of its future success.

I recently left Northumberland Wildlife Trust having successfully managed and steered the very first reintroduction of the Water Vole back into the region, through the Kielder Water Vole Project. Now my task is to replicate this success with the Pine Marten and that's where my focus will be for the next three and a half years; looking for Marten evidence and paving the way for, and getting the community to support, the presence of Pine Martens in northern England once again.
So, here is to future success and I hope to make better acquaintance with you all in the years to come.

Cheers and best wishes,

Kevin O’Hara

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Pine Marten

  1. I am delighted to receive your wildlife photos direct to my PC…….. I have some super books but your images bring it all to life. Very many thanks.

  2. I am delighted to receive your wildlife photos. I have some good books but on the screen they come to life. Very many thanks.

  3. First time ever I saw a Pine Marten running across the road just outside Hammon North Dorset

    1. That’s really interesting David, I’m 95% sure I saw a pine marten near spetisbury a week ago. Since then I’ve been looking online for other dorset sightings.

  4. I a pine marten in Charisworth about 2 years ago. I only recently realised what it was when seeing a wildlife show on mustelids.

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