Shifting Sands is making progress!
Over the last couple of weeks we have been conducting rabbit warren censuses at many sites throughout the Brecks. We have visited East Wretham, Weeting Heath and Thetford Heath so far.

Unfortunately, rabbit numbers are very low at all of these sites, apart from East Wretham. At the moment we are unsure of why this might be; but the Back from the Brink Shifting Sands project aims to increase rabbit numbers by improving their habitat and providing cover from predators, and we will continue to monitor rabbit numbers.

On the 30th of October we had an internal launch meeting with our 9 partner organisations at Oak Lodge in Thetford.
We had a great turnout - with representatives from Buglife, Butterfly Conservation, Forestry Commission, Natural England, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Plantlife and University of East Anglia. The meeting was held to review the position of the project and to launch the delivery phase with works on the ground commencing soon.

Keep your eye on the Shifting Sands page on the Back from the Brink website as well as all the social media channels (@naturebftb) for updates on opportunities for how you can get involved.

More updates to follow!


Zosia Ladds

Delivery Officer