It’s been a busy month for the Shifting Sands team.
We started with a great piece on Countryfile on the 10th Dec - all about our project in the Brecks and the work we’ll be doing with rabbits and the rare Lunar Yellow Underwing Moth. Catch this on BBC iPlayer if you missed it!

We have spent the rest of the month planning and getting ready for our winter groundworks which will be taking place early next year. We need to make sure we get our ground works complete before the Stone Curlew come back to nest in the spring! We have 19 sites to work on so it is quite a big task.

We are also planning our public launch event so please look out for that if you would like to learn more about Shifting Sands, the work we’ll be doing in the Brecks and how you can get involved.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at Shifting Sands!

Zosia Ladds

Delivery Officer for Shifting Sands.

2 thoughts on “Christmas update from Shifting Sands

  1. would like to know more about what is going on as I am already doing a fair amount in the Brecks.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Brilliant! thanks for your support – keep an eye on the Shifting Sands webpage (you’ll find it on the homepage/projects page). There will be updates on there. The best thing to do however would be to take a look at our social media as this is far more responsive and detailed, in particular our twitter page. to follow our story, take a look @naturebftb.
      Hope that helps and good luck with your work!

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