It's a cold November evening in the Cotswolds, the base for our Limestone's Living Legacies project, led by Butterfly Conservation. The project are readying themselves for a presentation all about Oil Beetles - with talks from Buglife and John Walters; followed by a trip to two separate locations within the Cotswolds that hold the magnificent Rugged Oil Beetle.

James Harding-Morris and Emma Burt set off through the valleys in search of this elusive beetle, giving you an overview of Back from the Brink; as well as finding some great species along the way. 

With interviews from Julian Bendle and Jennifer Gilbert, project officers for the project; as well as some fantastic conversations with the local community who came along for the beetle searching - this is the first of many podcasts for Back from the Brink - a mix of information, entertainment and collaboration - we hope you enjoy it.