We are getting towards an exciting time of the year for the Barberry Carpet Moth project as the adult moths will be starting to emerge!

They have two generations per year, one in May and June and then a later one in August. Not a lot of moth trapping happens for surveying the adult moths - the most reliable survey method for the species is to look for larvae.
However, we are arranging a couple of moth trapping events for this year – one at the Dorset colony on the 22nd May and a later one in August on a Wiltshire Wildlife Trust site near Hankerton.  There are a lot of variables involved with moth trapping such as the British weather, but it would be brilliant if we managed to get some good sightings of the adult moths this year!

Seeds that were collected from the colony areas in the autumn are starting to germinate too! We have the money to buy in 750 plants for each year of the project but these additional plants may mean that we get to plant out at least another 100 plants next year.
Common Barberry are notoriously hard to grow, being very susceptible to getting mildew, so we will be keeping a close eye on these seedlings and may even resort to talking to them frequently!


Fiona Haynes  

Moth Conservation Officer


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