It’s now spring and the Lapwing and Redshank are busy nesting on the water meadows at Pulborough Brooks reserve in West Sussex. It’s great to see the Lapwing’s aerial display and hear their iconic "peewit" call. We’re giving them a chance to breed undisturbed so it’s been a quiet period for work on the ground for the Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail.

You can learn more about the project and see some of the wetland wildlife we are supporting on Saturday 2nd of June at our Back from the Brink Wetland Discovery Day at Pulborough Brooks.
We’ll be opening a new wetland discovery trail and our RSPB Phoenix youth group will be hosting a ditch dipping session, so come along and meet some of the weird and wonderful creatures who lurk in the depths of the ditches.
We’ll also be running mini-tours of the new trail, showing you some wonderful wildlife and explaining why the wetlands are so important.

Come July when the Lapwing chicks are near fledging, we’ll be out assessing the condition of the new habitat we’ve created, the ditch trials and hope to get some aerial views to share.
Hopefully in August and September it will be dry enough to dig some more dead-end ditch spurs to provide more refuges for the snail. We’ll be checking the cloudiness of the water where we’ve removed the vagrant carp and hoping it has improved.
Our mollusc specialist will start surveying the trial ditches and look at the condition of sites in the south and centre of the reserve so we can decide whether to translocate the snails there in 2019.

Let’s hope it’s a good summer and look forward to a busy autumn!


Jane Sears

Project Officer


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