We have an incredible opportunity to get involved with Back from the Brink and our Colour in the Margins project.


What is Back from the Brink?
We span England - from Northumberland to the tip of Cornwall, we've got 19 amazing projects, 8 partner organisations working for the first time in collaboration and the work we're doing over the next few years will benefit over 200 species!
It doesn't get more ambitious and exciting than this!

This specification seeks one or more contractors to undertake different tasks within the project to aid the delivery staff.
It involves everything from running workshops for farmers, farm advisers and industry professionals to creating an educational resource on arable plants and wildlife.

If you are interested, please click on the link below and return all outlined documents as specified.
We'd love to hear from you:



Cath Shellswell

Project Manager - cath.shellswell@plantlife.org.uk




2 thoughts on “Opportunity to work with Colour in the Margins

  1. Hi there we are within the 3 bays wildlife area in Cornwall and we would really like to encourage more species in our field margins. We own 13.5 acres of pasture. You can find out more about our project by following the link http://www.perennial-harvest.co.uk and click on the Pemberton Farm tab there. I already have quite alot of knowledge about plants, I am aware I have missed the recent training day at cubert village hall, but I feel sure I could help with surveying.

    1. We’d love to see you at one of our events – keep an eye on our events page for the next opportunity and hopefully see you there! 🙂

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