With the summer drawing to a close, now seemed like a good time to look back at the last few months…

It’s been a busy time for the Dorset’s Heathland Heart project with the recruitment of many new volunteers, a series of training sessions, surveys and workshops and events happening across the Dorset Heaths and beyond!


Each Wednesday throughout June, July and August we’ve been carrying out group invertebrate surveys in partnership with the National Trust for Heath Tiger Beetle, Southern Damselfly and Purbeck Mason Wasp.
During this time we have had a fantastic 41 people come out and volunteer their time, clocking up a whopping total of 90.5 days spent in the field searching for these creatures.


In our group sessions a total of six Heath Tiger Beetles were seen (many more larval burrows were found) seven Purbeck Mason Wasps (again, we also surveyed their burrows) and a slightly more impressive 470 Southern Damselflies were observed.


Thank you to all who have helped us collect this vital data. Over the next few months we’ll be turning our attention to some of our threatened plant species, and working to survey them across our sites. Then, during the winter, habitat management work will be carried out across several heathland areas. This is often carried out by contractors and can be quite heavy work involving tractors and diggers to create scrapes, dig pools, or implement trackways. All of which helps to create microhabitats which should benefit the threatened wildlife found here in Dorset.

If you’d like to get involved – take a look at Back from the Brink’s event page and see how you could help the rare species near you.


See you there!


Lindsey Death

Outreach Officer, Dorset’s Heathland Heart.


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