I’ve got a lot to update you on since my last blog, it’s been a very busy time on the Project!
We’ve had a full summer of larval surveys and plant after-care; have discovered a new colony just outside an existing colony area in Wiltshire, and have been very busy recently with a new season of Barberry planting underway.

We recently took delivery of 500 plants for the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire colonies and I’ve been out distributing them to their new homes this week! We have 27 planting locations arranged for these with volunteers taking anywhere between 3 and 50 plants at a time.
They will end up being well spread out across our colony areas and will form important stepping stones in the landscape for the Barberry Carpet Moth.

I will be doing the final deliveries next week in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire area and that will leave plenty of time for the volunteers to get plants in the ground.

I had a great volunteer task on the 12th November, working in partnership with the Woodland Trust on one of their sites.  We recently found out that when this woodland was planted up, Common Barberries were planted. It could be a really good site for the moth in the future and we have planted another 33 Barberries and given out free Barberry bushes to some of the locals for their gardens too.

In Dorset we have had a couple of recent volunteer tasks planted Barberry and clearing glades ready for planting. We’ve been working in partnership with the Dorset County Council and the Forestry Commission and have been attracting local volunteers too. So far we have 128 new Barberry plants in the ground this autumn in Dorset.


We will have further volunteer opportunities coming up through the winter so keep an eye out for tasks advertised here or get in touch with me direct for more info – fhaynes@butterfly-conservation.org

You could also join the Facebook Group ‘Barberry Carpet Moth’ to get more involved.

Hopefully by the end of this winter we will have at least another 900 Barberry plants in the ground to encourage our Barberry Carpet Moths!

Till next time,


Fiona Haynes

Barberry Carpet Moth Project Manager



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  1. I wrote a poem titled Barberry and was delighted that it received a welcoming response. The poem is included in a new Philip Burton poetry collection titled Gaia Warnings, Palewell Press(PUB),to be published in March 2021 which covers a wide range of wildlife issues; the online launch is on Thursday 8th April. 7-00pm. Do come and join us. Wishing you every success with your vital work.

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