Following the successful reintroduction of the Chequered Skipper to the Rockingham Forest, the Back from the Brink Roots of Rockingham team are on a mission to spread the word! As community engagement officer, one of my tasks is to take the news about our project into schools and get young people interested in what’s going on in the Rockingham Forest.

This is probably one of the most exciting and daunting tasks. It’s exciting because I get to take part in science lessons, science was always my favourite subject in school! I will be able to talk to the next generation of conservationists, ecologists and nature enthusiasts. It’s daunting because we all remember our favourite lessons and those fantastic school trips that get us out exploring the environment. I want to make sure I help make some fantastic memories that will inspire these young people to learn about their environment, enjoy it, cherish it and protect it.


My first workshop of the year was with the wonderful year five science pupils of St Andrews Primary in Kettering which sits at the southernmost point of the Rockingham Forest project area. The wonderful teacher Rachel Eager introduced me to the class and helped me run our first workshop. Pupils had already learned some really important concepts like species and habitat conservation so after a little refresher we had a great foundation of knowledge to build on.

I showed the children images of the chequered skipper and other species that we are conserving like the Adder, Brown Long Eared Bat and Marsh Tit. Children enjoyed making a poster about their chosen species and included illustrations and new found facts. In a couple of weeks we will take a trip to one of the Woods in the Rockingham Forest and the kids are very excited. We have had some lovely feedback so far and some great tips from Rachel on how we can make our workshops even better. What a great start to the new academic year!

Check out some of the lovely feedback and the works in progress. Watch this space to see some more amazing work form the pupils of St Andrews and find out how our woodland field trip goes!


Liz Morrison

Roots of Rockingham Community Engagement Officer



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