Our Pine Marten project has had a busy 2019 -

here are some of their highlights!


Continued to record evidence of Pine Martens on camera traps in forests in Northumberland and Cumbria.

37 volunteers have helped with surveying and monitoring Pine Martens.

We ran a creative workshop to make feeder boxes for pine martens. 64 people attended and made 21 boxes.

We’ve also facilitated training workshops for volunteers in partnership with Revitalising Redesdale, Forestry England and Red Squirrels Northern England.

New den boxes have been installed to provide safe den sites for Pine Martens to rest and breed in. Unfortunately, there’s been no evidence of Pine Martens breeding in the boxes this year.

Fingers crossed for 2020!


Lizzie Croose

Senior Science and Research Officer

Vincent Wildlife Trust


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  1. This is a really good project, I recently found out that pine martens used to be found even in Lancashire, near Clitheroe due to the writings of a student who was at the College that I go to back when pine martens were still around here.

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