Making a Shrill Carder Bee Kazoo

You Will Need: scissors, a drinking straw (preferably biodegradable material), two small rubber bands and one larger, thicker one, plus two lollipop sticks. Pens for decoration - optional.

  1. cut 2 pieces of straw about 1 inch/2cm in length
  2. take the larger rubber band and put it around 1 lolly stick
  3. take the 2 pieces of straw and tuck one underneath the rubber band at one end - and lay one on top of the band at the other end. This can be a bit fiddly so hold tightly!
  4. lay the second lolly stick on top – this will help to keep all the bits together!
  5. secure the sticks with the small rubber bands, one at either end
  6. Now you're done – you can decorate the lolly sticks with pens, stickers etc..

Hold each end of the kazoo and put to your lips. Blow lightly to make a vibrating, buzzing sound – you can change the pitch by blowing more strongly or by moving the straws closer together.


Have fun!


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