The Gift

Like the dear face of a much loved friend

I know the boundaries of my land

For in those boundaries secrets lie

Hidden from the casual eye

Revealed to those with time to stand

And marvel at God’s plan.

I know the deep and tangled woods

Where deer paths lead me through

Beneath young boughs of beech and oak

Where brambles tug and dead leaves cloak

The narrow trails from whence they grew

To keep the secrets hid.

I know a place where violets hide

In delicate profusion grow

Where Spring’s pale sunbeams struggle through

And light their beauty, bathed in dew

Reflecting midst the thorns and briars

The soft pure light of Heaven

I know the fox’s secret place

And where the badgers dig

I see the place the buzzard nests

The tree where she prepares the neat

And bite sized pieces of the meat

To feed her hungry chick.

I know the place the fallow buck

Mingles with the shadows

Where roe deer graze and raise their young

Where fox cubs play and fight among

The bluebells in the warm bright sun

Unworried for tomorrow

And as I walk familiar paths

God’s glory all around me

I know the peace He meant for us

When first created from the dust

Creation given as a gift

Sign of His love and trust


Poem By, Judy Vowles

Images (c) RSPB

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