Volunteer Focus – Devon and Cornwall – Ilene Sterns

“I’ve always found fields of poppies incredible”

(c) E.L. Cooke

Ilene and her husband are based in Devon and have been involved with Colour in the Margins since the very beginning. They joined Back from the Brink after moving down to Devon from Bath and were looking to find something they could get involved with. They thought it was a good way to add purpose to their walks, as well as learn more about arable plants.

Ilene hasn’t really had a highlight – she’s loved it all - using it especially as a learning opportunity having come into the project with almost no plant knowledge. Ilene states the seed bank day with Kew Gardens was a particularly fantastic day!

For her, the arable habitat has always been interesting – “I grew up on the edge of suburbs and I’ve lived in rural villages since… I walk around these places all the time, I see them and I just don’t know enough about them - you kind of feel - there you are, in the middle of a field and you can admire it for its beauty but you don’t really know what it’s all about – and now I feel like I know more”.

Her and her husband have done surveys on their own as well as with the project officer Hannah in the Devon and Cornwall area.

If you want to volunteer for the Colour in the Margins project, then please email colourinthemargins@planlife.org.uk



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