Back from the Brink enters its final year – how’s it been going so far?

Over the last three years, across our 19 projects from Northumberland to Cornwall, and with the support of nearly 100 organisations – we’ve achieved a lot! We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, and so to celebrate this final year we wanted to look back to see what we’ve accomplished so far.

Our successes range from the reintroduction of the Chequered Skipper, not seen in England for over 40 years, to the first video footage ever recorded of a Pine Marten in Northumberland, to new populations of incredibly rare wildlife such as the Wormwood Moonshiner beetle being found at brand new sites!

It’s not just the wildlife that’s benefited from Back from the Brink - at over 150 sites across England, our staff have been working hard with volunteers, local communities and other organisations to inspire a nation to act for their local, special and threatened wildlife.

The 7 species-focused charity organisations that make up the Rethink Nature partnership have created a single voice for threatened wildlife by working closely together, and with the lead statutory body Natural England, creating a new model of collaboration that external funding bodies have been keen to get behind.

Take a look at the Back from the Brink Impact Report (up to February 2020).

In our final year our aim is to add even more successes to this list, and to have an even bigger positive impact on England’s rarest wildlife!


Back from the Brink, 2020.



Would you like to help these incredible species? There are numerous ways in which you can:

  • Why not volunteer for Back from the Brink? Check out our events page for opportunities near you.
  • Help us to spread the word of this species, and the others we will be helping over the next 3 years, by sharing our message across our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Follow us: @naturebftb.
  • Finally - help support the work we do across England by donating. Our impact will be greater with your help.


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  1. Amazinglily, this butterfly came into my living room wednesday. I managed to take a rather blurred photo of it before ushering it out. I have never seen this butterfly before. And oddly, I live on the cost in Essex. Has it really managed to get this far?

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