Tree cribs at Moccas Park, Herefordshire

As part of this project we are supporting the planting of a range of tree species in this park to broaden the diversity of species and to establish new habitats that will support the lichen and rare insects that are already found on surrounding old trees. It is vital that a continuity of trees is available to replace those that will inevitably be lost in the future.

As the trees grow from small saplings a tree guard has been designed by the Ancients team that we hope will protect each tree from cattle, sheep and deer that all graze in the park.

(c) Paul Rutter Feb 2020

The tree guards need to blend in with the rustic surroundings of this historic landscape so cleft chestnut has been used.

The local Natural England staff and their volunteer team spent a day learning how to put the guards together on one of the relatively drier days this winter.

(c) Paul Rutter Feb 2020

Eight new guards will be erected and the tree species being planted include Field Maple, Horse Chestnut and Wych Elm.

Other trees being planted this winter are Hawthorn, Crab apple and Wild pear that will produce much needed pollen and nectar for the insects that live in the ancient trees in the park.

Paul Rutter

Ancients of the Future - Project Officer

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