3 thoughts on “Oak tree, Moccas Park National Nature Reserve, Herefordshire, England.

  1. I had no idea Moccas Wood is not privately owned anymore. Who owned it and how old are the wonderful :stag head oak trees- any information gratefully received please.
    Last went there in May 2001 but can’t remember how – msybe Kedbury Naturalist So urty.
    With many thanks, in advance for any help

  2. So sorry , pressed the send button before editing!
    Should read Ledbury Naturalist Society- any record of our visit?
    I remember being staggered by the mighty oaks!
    With thanks
    Cate Luck

    1. Hi Cate – I put your question to one of my colleagues who has responded as follows:
      “Moccas park is still in private ownership but the park is managed by Natural England as National Nature Reserve.
      The park is owned by the Chestermaster family who have owned it for some considerable time.
      The park is special for many reasons including the very ancient trees including some oak trees that are reckoned to be over 800 years old and are favoured habitat to many rare species of insects, lichen and fungi.
      The park is however still private so public access is not available without a permit which may be obtained from Natural England
      for purposes of natural history study.”
      Many thanks BftB

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