Cross-stitch creator Lucie Heaton has designed seven wonderful cross stitch patterns which are all free to download from her website, as well as from our Back from the Brink website:

Willow Tit

Pine Marten

Shrill Carder Bee

Grey Long-eared Bat

Roots of Rockingham:

Chequered Skipper

Colour in the Margins:


Interrupted Brome


If you enjoy combining creativity with wildlife then these are definitely for you. Why not give them as a gift to a crafty friend or family member.

Cross-stitching is a great way to relax during the long winters nights or the grumpy winters days.

We really hope you enjoy making them and would love to see what you create - why not take a photo of your finished picture and post it on social media tagging in @NatureBftB.

We are hoping that Lucie will do a blog for us in the new year to tell us more about her relationship with wildlife and how it inspired her to create these wonderful patterns for us, so watch this space!



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