We were thrilled to find Corn Buttercup growing in all our reintroduction sites during our sunny surveys last week.

The first sites were sown at RSPB’s Hope Farm in 2019.

Hope Farm Interpretation Board

Last year further sites were sown at Papley Grove Farm owned by Martin Lines, chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network, and at the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate.

Papley Grove Farm Reintroductions (c) Alison Mitchell

Wimpole Estate Reintroductions (c) Alison Mitchell

Almost 200 Corn Buttercup were found last year at Hope Farm but we found over 400 plants growing there this year, which is fantastic!

Hope Farm Reintroduction (c) Emma Stevens

At Papley Grove Farm we recorded around 125 plants across two plots, from small seedlings to flowering plants. And Wimpole Estate topped the charts with a whopping 1800 plants!!!

Wimpole Estate Reintroductions (c) Alison Mitchell

These are brilliant results from all three sites and superb start to the survey season - our new yellow survey flags were put to very good use!


Alison Mitchell

Colour in the Margins 
Monitoring and Advisory Officer


Colour in the Margins is part of the Back from the Brink programme, funded by the National Lottery, and led by Plantlife in partnership with the RSPB.