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The Art of Saving Species – Projects

Conserving endangered species is more than just direct practical action – being inspired to talk, write, paint, sculpt or take part in any creative activity by nature is a step towards securing it.

We protect what we care about, and we care about we see, what moves us, and what inspires us.


The Art of Saving Species has been a crucial part of Back from the Brink - it allowed us to offer creative opportunities to local communities in which they could create relationships with species and explore those emotional connections, creating a legacy of lasting impact.

Back from the Brink has spent the last four years tirelessly working to save England’s most threatened species from extinction. Through nineteen projects scattered across the country we have been securing and restoring the fortunes of our most endangered wildlife; reintroducing extinct species, rediscovering lost populations and reinvigorating habitats. Explore the sample of projects below and get a feel for some of our species and the events and artworks that they inspired.

The Art of saving species

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