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Chequered Skipper 4 - Adam Gor.jpg 1024 credited

May – in a nutshell!

I’ve never seen a Chequered Skipper before. But May was...
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Chequered Skipper Glasdrum Wood 25.5.12 (c) Neil Hulme

Saving species: chapter 3 – Why save the Chequered Skipper?

The Chequered Skipper Butterfly became extinct in England in 1975,...
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Oblong-Leaved Sundew, Stephen Barlow

Saving species: chapter 2

Back from the Brink is always on the search for...
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Saving species: chapter 1

Humans need biodiversity to survive and thrive. Clean water, food,...
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Field cricket Gryllus campestris, adult residing in burrow, Sussex, April

April’s monthly update blog

April – what a month it’s been! Spring has officially...
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Back from the Brink monthly roundup – March

March has flown by… And what a month! They say...
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Back from the Brink – securing the legacy

The length and breadth of England, Back from the Brink...
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Back from the Brink monthly roundup

Back from the Brink has been full steam ahead since...
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Podcast from the Brink: the oiliest beetle…?

It's a cold November evening in the Cotswolds, the base...
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Donald Macauley, Flickr. CC BY-SA 4.0 1500

Welcome to Back from the Brink (part 1)

Hi everyone, I’m James Harding-Morris, Communications Manager for Back from...
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