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Barberry Carpet Moth

Barberry Planting Pushes On!

Well the final planting season of the project is well underway and the plants are quickly running out now!  I managed to squeeze in some planting in Dorset with volunteers before lockdown, and have had to cancel my planned volunteer events in Wiltshire sadly.  But I have been able to continue with my deliveries to...

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Barberry (Carpet Moth) Blog Spot!

Barberry Carpet Blog Again I am long overdue an update, but it has been quite a busy summer season on the project.  As we’re now over halfway through I thought I’d tell you where we’ve got to!   So far we have found homes for 1700 plants on over 60 sites.  In Dorset where there is...

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A Busy Barberry Winter…

An update is long overdue but I am finally managing to sit down and write this blog for the Barberry Carpet Moth! We have reached the end of our winter planting for Year 2 of the project. Our growers were able to offer us more plants than we were expecting this year, and what with...

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Barberry plants a plenty!

I’ve got a lot to update you on since my last blog, it’s been a very busy time on the Project! We’ve had a full summer of larval surveys and plant after-care; have discovered a new colony just outside an existing colony area in Wiltshire, and have been very busy recently with a new season...

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Night-time Barberry encounters

As I was travelling down to the Dorset colony area for some moth trapping on Tuesday 21st May, it was hot and humid. There was a threat of thunderstorms on the forecast, but I remained hopeful that thunder and lightning would stay away, it would not be great around our electrical equipment (!). However, moths...

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Barberry a plenty

We are getting towards an exciting time of the year for the Barberry Carpet Moth project as the adult moths will be starting to emerge! They have two generations per year, one in May and June and then a later one in August. Not a lot of moth trapping happens for surveying the adult moths...

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Update from the Barberry Carpet Moth project

It’s National Nest Box Week, commencing on Valentines Day – so to celebrate, we take a look at our wonderful Willow Tit project, set in the Dearne Valley; to see what they’ll be doing this week.

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Introducing the Barberry Carpet Moth

The start of the Barberry Carpet Project has been a good learning curve for me in many ways. I have been getting to know my way around North Dorset and North Wiltshire, the main strongholds for the moth, and meeting many people who have been involved with conservation of the moth for many years. It has been a new direction for me as I was previously a ranger for many years so this post comes with fresh challenges.

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