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Colour in the Margins

Volunteer Focus – Devon & Cornwall – Lucy

  Volunteer Focus – Devon and Cornwall – Lucy Lucy is based in Devon and has been a volunteer for Colour in the Margins since July 2018. She’s taken part in one or two surveys with Hannah, the Project Officer for Devon and Cornwall. This is her story… Lucy decided to volunteer with Back from...

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Volunteer Focus – Devon & Cornwall – Ilene Sterns

Volunteer Focus – Devon and Cornwall – Ilene Sterns “I’ve always found fields of poppies incredible” (c) E.L. Cooke Ilene and her husband are based in Devon and have been involved with Colour in the Margins since the very beginning. They joined Back from the Brink after moving down to Devon from Bath and were...

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Volunteer Focus – Wessex – Nick Adams

Volunteer Focus – Wessex – Nick Adams Nick is based in the Wessex area and has been involved in the project since the beginning through hearing about the opportunity through the RSBP. He started off doing individual surveys which led to taking part in reintroductions. The main reason he got involved was because of the...

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The Gift

The Gift Like the dear face of a much loved friend I know the boundaries of my land For in those boundaries secrets lie Hidden from the casual eye Revealed to those with time to stand And marvel at God’s plan. I know the deep and tangled woods Where deer paths lead me through Beneath...

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Celebrating Another Year of Colour in the Margins

Celebrating another year of Colour in the Margins South West We have had a great survey season in the South-west!  The action all kicked off in spring when we reintroduced the endangered Small-flowered Catchfly (Silene gallica) to six sites using seed provided by the Millennium Seed Bank.  Over 100,000 seeds were spread overall!  We are...

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The Healing Power of the Poppy

  The Healing Power of the Poppy Two of the c. 70 species of the poppy within the genus Papaver have been responsible for two very influential but different tasks during the past century; Papaver rhoeas and Papaversomniferum (Opium Poppy). They have a rich history of medical, scientific and economic importance. The flowers of the...

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Red-hemp Nettle

  Red-hemp Nettle It’s a cool blustery day at the end of September and whilst there’s still no immediate sign of colour change in the trees, there is an autumnal feel in the air. We’ve had a good long season of surveying this year, as we started early with such a dry and bright spring....

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Brilliant Bats!

Colour in the Margins is one of the many projects that is running under Back from the Brink, and whilst we are primarily focusing on 10 plant species, there are many secondary species that will benefit from our work with rare arable species, including 5 UK bat species - from the Soprano Pipistrelle to the...

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🦔Helping the Hedgehog 🦔

  Helping the Hedgehog Whilst Colour in the Margins is focusing on 10 primary arable plant species, there are many more familiar species that we are aiming to help with our project including the brown hare, harvest mouse and the hedgehog. The hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is generally common across Europe, with populations currently stable across...

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