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Colour in the Margins

The Healing Power of the Poppy

  The Healing Power of the Poppy Two of the c. 70 species of the poppy within the genus Papaver have been responsible for two very influential but different tasks during the past century; Papaver rhoeas and Papaversomniferum (Opium Poppy). They have a rich history of medical, scientific and economic importance. The flowers of the...

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Red-hemp Nettle

  Red-hemp Nettle It’s a cool blustery day at the end of September and whilst there’s still no immediate sign of colour change in the trees, there is an autumnal feel in the air. We’ve had a good long season of surveying this year, as we started early with such a dry and bright spring....

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Brilliant Bats!

Colour in the Margins is one of the many projects that is running under Back from the Brink, and whilst we are primarily focusing on 10 plant species, there are many secondary species that will benefit from our work with rare arable species, including 5 UK bat species - from the Soprano Pipistrelle to the...

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🦔Helping the Hedgehog 🦔

  Helping the Hedgehog Whilst Colour in the Margins is focusing on 10 primary arable plant species, there are many more familiar species that we are aiming to help with our project including the brown hare, harvest mouse and the hedgehog. The hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is generally common across Europe, with populations currently stable across...

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Small Flowered Catchfly – Guest Blog

Small Flowered Catchfly Primarily focused on attracting dog walkers to enjoy acres of space where dogs can run free, Dawlish Countryside Park has begun its mission to combat increasing pressure from visitors at nearby sensitive wildlife sites.  Some may think of it as a sacrificial site, but look closer and you will discover there is...

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Weeds or the Key to Survival? – Guest Blog

Arable plants: weeds, or the key to the survival of our farmland wildlife? Arable land cultivated for crops like cereals, potatoes, broccoli or daffodils is part of the farming landscape, but what does the term arable conjure up for you? Whether you picture a romantic vision of scarlet Poppies and bright blue Cornflowers dotted about...

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Working with Arable Plants – Guest Blog

Working with Arable Plants – Guest Blog  Walking along a footpath through a typical cornfield, it is easy to see why someone may be rather nonplussed by arable plants. An occasional creeping thistle or bindweed that has missed the spray boom, may be all that is visible amongst a mono-culture of wheat or barley. Even...

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Ryedale Farm Museum – Art Event!

COLOUR IN THE MARGINS - Ryedale Farm Museum Porcelain Flowers with Sian Hughes This was a rolling activity open to families and adults.  On arrival, families were encouraged to research and explore the wild flowers and plants on site accompanied by Lizzie Cooke from Plantlife, and the Creative Activity Journal we had devised and printed. Back...

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Records in the Field 🌼Includes App Download 🌼

  Did you know that if you are out in the field and come across a rare, or interesting arable plant, you can record your finding with an app? The rare arable plant app is available for free to download on iTunes or on Android. Arable wildflowers represent an important part of our cultural heritage...

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