Saving England's most threatened species from extinction


Community Arts

Art of Saving Species – Guest Curator – Jack Wallington

JACK WALLINGTON I am a landscape designer focused on contemporary gardens that are good for wildlife and us. Working with businesses and private homes, I have designed over 60 gardens since switching careers a few years ago. The starting point for my work is studying natural habitats, landscapes and wildlife, trying to capture wild magic...

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Art of Saving Species – Guest Curator – Jess Pugh

JESS PUGH Personally, I have lots of interests including art and nature. I have always enjoyed creating artwork and I find that drawing or painting a natural scene helps me appreciate the complex and beautiful world that we live in. My adoration of this world is what makes me want to protect it so much...

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Art of Saving Species – Guest Curator – Joel Ashton

JOEL ASHTON I am fortunate to have, through my business, designed, created and implemented wildlife havens in gardens, nature reserves and green spaces for around 15 years.  This of course brings me closer to nature on a regular basis and allows me to see the impact that gardening with nature in mind, not against it,...

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We Are A Many Bodied-Singing Thing

We Are A Many-Bodied Singing Thing is a new anthology of speculative poetry and fiction, inspired by endangered species and the people saving them. Download it for free and watch the virtual launch below! Anthology: WEB VERSION - We are a many-bodied singing thing Virtual Launch: watch it here. The things that give me the...

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The BftB Travelling Exhibition!

This year, the Back from the Brink travelling exhibition will be travelling across England to a range of different spaces - from the Great North Museum: Hancok in Newcastle, to the Custard Factory in Birmingham. ‘What on earth is the Back from the Brink travelling exhibition’, I hear you cry! It all started two years...

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How to make a Shrill Carder Bee Kazoo!

Making a Shrill Carder Bee Kazoo You Will Need: scissors, a drinking straw (preferably biodegradable material), two small rubber bands and one larger, thicker one, plus two lollipop sticks. Pens for decoration - optional. cut 2 pieces of straw about 1 inch/2cm in length take the larger rubber band and put it around 1 lolly...

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Crafty Pine Martens!

We recently ran a creative workshop as part of our Pine Marten Project to make feeder boxes for Pine Martens at National Trust's Cragside in Northumberland. What exactly are feeder boxes? They are wooden boxes which can be filled with food, such as peanuts, and installed on a tree. A camera trap can be trained...

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Wax-zine Lyrical in Victory Wood about the Shrill Carder Bee!

Wax-zine lyrical about the Shrill Carder Bee I was fortunate to be able to spend one bright Saturday in September on a hilltop in Kent, overlooking Whitstable and the mouth of the Thames Estuary. The sky was a beautiful rich blue and the sun beat down over a swathe of golden grasses, parched by a...

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