Saving England's most threatened species from extinction


Dorset’s heathland heart

Yellow Centaury Blog!

The Yellow Centaury Plant Yellow Centaury, one of the species that we are bringing back from the brink in Dorset’s Heathland Heart, is a miniscule member of the Gentian family that rarely grows taller than about 10cm, and can be less than 1cm. It’s sunshine-yellow flowers only open in the middle of the day in...

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Forest Bathing!

Dipping my Toes into Forest Bathing Most of us that work in Nature Conservation are subconsciously aware that nature is ‘good for us’ that it makes us feel better and can lift our mood. Many of us perhaps consciously prescribe ourselves that lunchtime walk, or make time to be outdoors in order to benefit our...

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Pale Dog Violet Brought Back from the Brink on Dorset’s Heaths

Pale Dog Violet The scintillating sight of the milky-white petals of Pale Dog-violet (Viola lactea) - so electrified with deep purple veins - has been sadly disappearing from heathlands for decades, to the point that it is now endangered in England. But thanks to the work of staff and volunteers from the Plantlife-led Back from...

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The Woodlark

Chances are, if you’ve been walking through Southern heathland on a bright clear day early in the year you may have had the pleasure of hearing the distinctive song of the Woodlark. These small birds, about the size of a Greenfinch, can be hard to spot. Usually found on lowland heathland or in forest clearings...

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Meet Heath!

  Meet Heath!   Heath is an incredibly accurate representation and striking 3D model of a real creature we have living on the Dorset Heaths – the Heath Tiger Beetle. He is the culmination of around 150 hours of hard work, and multiple creative processes by 3rd year student, Hope Urbani, on the Model making...

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Dorset’s Heathland Heart – a volunteer’s view

Hi, my name is Lydia and I am the Communications Volunteer for Dorset’s Heathland Heart, part of the Back from the Brink project. I’ve always been interested in wildlife. When I was younger I used to go on nature walks with my Dad and Brother. Dad would point out different plants and birds, and anything...

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Dorset’s Reptiles!

The heart of Dorset’s heathland is the perfect habitat for reptiles. A rich mosaic of dry, humid and wet heath, bog pools, ponds and grassland, means the Dorset heaths hold an ideal mixture of habitats for these fascinating species. Lowland heathland has been declining drastically over the past 200 years and now just a few fragmented...

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The Dorset Heaths And Beyond!

In our last two Willow Tit blogs, we introduced the project itself and then looked at why it’s been chosen for Back from the Brink. In this blog piece, we’re focussing on how you can spot a Willow Tit and what you can do when that happens.

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Spring has sprung for Dorset’s Heathland Heart…

The magnificent Dorset heathlands are really starting to come alive, buzzing and fluttering with life - the heady scent of gorse hanging in the warm air, have you noticed it smells like coconut! Summer still feels a way off yet but with the arrival of May and temperatures creeping up, certain species are starting to...

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