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Gems in the Dunes

“Have you lost something?”

“Have you lost something?” It’s a question I hear surprisingly often in this job and it isn’t hard to see why. Imagine walking your dog through the sand dunes and you come across a group of people on their hands and knees with their faces close to the ground. It isn’t a group of people […]

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Natterjacks, Petalwort and custard creams!

Tuesday 19th June saw a large party of us (volunteers) creating a new “dune scrape” in the dunes north of Ainsdale beach.  A dune scrape is where a wet hollow is created in the dunes, with the intention of providing a habitat for species such as Natterjack Toads and Petalwort, amongst others.  On the day […]

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Gems in the Dunes is ready for 2018

In our last two Willow Tit blogs, we introduced the project itself and then looked at why it’s been chosen for Back from the Brink. In this blog piece, we’re focussing on how you can spot a Willow Tit and what you can do when that happens.

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Introducing Gems in the Dunes

Having grown up around coastal sand dunes I believe it is the most interesting of all UK biotopes. Sand dunes are such unique environments existing only where a particular set of conditions allow. Their uniqueness allows species which tend to thrive in much warmer climates, exist on the Sefton Coast way beyond what many would have thought their natural range.

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