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Botanical Bards

Read this wonderful blog by Julia Thorley who hosted two events recently with our Roots of Rockingham project team.   BOTANICAL BARDS This was the title of the workshop I ran yesterday with my friends at Back from the Brink. You might recall I did one in the autumn based on the birds of Fineshade...

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Volunteer Focus – Devon & Cornwall – Lucy

  Volunteer Focus – Devon and Cornwall – Lucy Lucy is based in Devon and has been a volunteer for Colour in the Margins since July 2018. She’s taken part in one or two surveys with Hannah, the Project Officer for Devon and Cornwall. This is her story… Lucy decided to volunteer with Back from...

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Volunteer Focus – Devon & Cornwall – Ilene Sterns

Volunteer Focus – Devon and Cornwall – Ilene Sterns “I’ve always found fields of poppies incredible” (c) E.L. Cooke Ilene and her husband are based in Devon and have been involved with Colour in the Margins since the very beginning. They joined Back from the Brink after moving down to Devon from Bath and were...

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Volunteer Focus – Wessex – Nick Adams

Volunteer Focus – Wessex – Nick Adams Nick is based in the Wessex area and has been involved in the project since the beginning through hearing about the opportunity through the RSBP. He started off doing individual surveys which led to taking part in reintroductions. The main reason he got involved was because of the...

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The Purbeck Mason Wasp

The Purbeck Mason Wasp The striking Purbeck Mason Wasp (Pseudepipona herrichii) is one of Back from the Brink’s primary species. Found on only a few sites in Purbeck, Dorset, it is classified as endangered and is one of the rarest invertebrates in the UK. Very much a heathland species, the Purbeck Mason Wasp has complex...

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How to make a Shrill Carder Bee Kazoo!

Making a Shrill Carder Bee Kazoo You Will Need: scissors, a drinking straw (preferably biodegradable material), two small rubber bands and one larger, thicker one, plus two lollipop sticks. Pens for decoration - optional. cut 2 pieces of straw about 1 inch/2cm in length take the larger rubber band and put it around 1 lolly...

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Woodland Birds Creative Writing

Woodland Birds Creative Writing Even if you've never been to Northamptonshire, there is a good chance you've heard of Rockingham Forest. This was once a hunting forest covering over a third of the county; it now exists in isolated patches dotted through a farmed landscape, giving people like me the opportunity to walk in nature...

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Crafty Pine Martens!

We recently ran a creative workshop as part of our Pine Marten Project to make feeder boxes for Pine Martens at National Trust’s Cragside in Northumberland. What exactly are feeder boxes? They are wooden boxes which can be filled with food, such as peanuts, and installed on a tree. A camera trap can be trained...

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Red-hemp Nettle

  Red-hemp Nettle It’s a cool blustery day at the end of September and whilst there’s still no immediate sign of colour change in the trees, there is an autumnal feel in the air. We’ve had a good long season of surveying this year, as we started early with such a dry and bright spring....

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