Saving England's most threatened species from extinction


Limestone’s Living Legacies


Legend has it that the Pasqueflower comes into bloom on Good Friday. Now these highly specialised plants and many other calcareous grassland species need our help if they are to rise again each year… Lying against the south-facing hillside with a mellow wind on my face, I’m supported by ninety metres of chalk. In the...

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Update from Limestone’s Living Legacies

Since our Back from the Brink project started in summer 2017 there has been a huge amount of work undertaken to achieve our aim of restoring and maintaining a network of limestone grassland sites. To date, practical conservation work led by our Conservation Officer, with the help of numerous volunteers has amounted to an impressive...

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The Great English Juniper Revival?

Gin lovers rejoice this Christmas! For Juniper, our native aromatic shrub renowned for giving gin its distinctive fragrance, is showing signs of returning to the English countryside, almost 10 years after urgent conservation work began to bring it back from the brink of disappearing..   Despite being one of the first trees to colonise Britain...

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The Latest Lowdown on Limestone Living Legacies

It’s been a very busy few months for Limestone’s Living Legacies. This first year saw lots of people keen to get involved with workshops, bat nights, surveys and guided walks while others have been getting stuck into practical conservation work. Getting people actively involved with our project is one of our main aims and our...

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Podcast from the Brink: the oiliest beetle…?

It's a cold November evening in the Cotswolds, the base for our Limestone's Living Legacies project, led by Butterfly Conservation. The project are readying themselves for a presentation all about Oil Beetles - with talks from Buglife and John Walters; followed by a trip to two separate locations within the Cotswolds that hold the magnificent...

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Here’s to the first six months!

We have spent a lot of time in this first six months getting to grips with the project and putting in place plans for the next few years. This has meant lots of meetings and site visits and for me (being completely new to the area), generally getting to know the Cotswolds! As I’m sure...

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The Rugged Oil Beetle

We are now 5 months into our Back from the Brink project here at Limestone’s Living Legacies, and just last week held our very first event - a survey training workshop for volunteers on the Rugged Oil Beetle. This beetle is one of our primary target species, a real rarity, known from only a handful...

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Introducing Limestone’s Living Legacies

Having worked in conservation for 10 years in my home county of Hertfordshire, moving to Gloucestershire to work on the Limestone’s Living Legacies project has been very exciting indeed. Not only am I getting to explore stunning new landscapes and learn about new species, I am also involved with the Back from the Brink project.

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