Saving England's most threatened species from extinction


Narrow-headed ant

Great news for the Narrow-headed Ant!

Winter = staying snug indoors in the nest, stockpiling resources, occasionally venturing out on the brief warmer days... And so are the ants!   Our own activity has continued likewise. Mark the timeline: at 13.11pm on 26 November 2018 a quietly significant moment happened – Narrow-headed Ants returned to Bovey Heathfield nature reserve (their penultimate...

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The complex life of a Narrow-Headed Ant

The fact is we know next to nothing. Now is the field season and chance for ant observations, yet each new discovery prompts more questions, as on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, pushing back the boundaries of ignorance. We knew aphid honeydew was an important dietary component (an ant energy drink) and expected oak, birch, and gorse...

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Update from the Narrow-headed Ant

Early morning frost cladding reduces the gorse and grass tussocks to outlines, two-dimensional and extra spiky, in the first trickles of winter sunlight. The frozen landscape reaches up to snow-capped Haytor on the rising edge of Dartmoor nearby. Whilst the ant queens and wintering workers are tactically bunkered deep down and dormant in their lower...

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Introducing the Narrow-headed Ant

I’ve come to see a thatched dwelling in Devon. There are plenty of those in the county, but not like this one. I’m nowhere near to a village scene from a chocolate box or tea towel; instead, I’m sitting among gorse and Purple Moor Grass on a patch of rugged heathland.

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