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The BftB Travelling Exhibition!

This year, the Back from the Brink travelling exhibition will be travelling across England to a range of different spaces - from the Great North Museum: Hancok in Newcastle, to the Custard Factory in Birmingham. ‘What on earth is the Back from the Brink travelling exhibition’, I hear you cry! It all started two years...

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BftB Impact Report, 2020

Back from the Brink enters its final year – how’s it been going so far? Over the last three years, across our 19 projects from Northumberland to Cornwall, and with the support of nearly 100 organisations – we’ve achieved a lot! We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, and so to celebrate this final year...

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Roots of Rockingham 2019

The Roots of Rockingham have blossomed with many fantastic successes this year! The first Chequered Skipper butterfly to emerge in England in over 40 years was recorded in the Rockingham Forest this year as a result of a successful translocation following dramatic and extensive habitat improvement work by Forestry England. This year a second reintroduction...

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Chequered Skipper Success!

A previously extinct butterfly has bred successfully in an English woodland for the first time in more than 40 years as part of the ambitious conservation project, Back from the Brink. Freshly emerged Chequered Skippers have been regularly spotted over the last few weeks at a secret location in Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire, and it is...

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The awesomeness of Volunteers

  Thousands of people give their time to save endangered species in the UK... The Back from the Brink project is marking National Volunteers’ Week by celebrating the amazing work volunteers are doing to save endangered species in England. In just two years over two thousand people have volunteered their time to help the Back...

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Partnership working

Conservation is all about partnership.Without the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas, very little can be achieved in farmland conservation – particularly here in the Wessex region. It can be easy for conservation organisations to become insular and locked into their specific taxa group, be it birds or plants or invertebrates, but the reality of...

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Community Arts Diary

I'm standing in a park with my hand on a tree that looks like the plant version of 93 year old - all lines, bumps and rolls - there's so much detail to be found when looking closely. I feel wiser just by looking at it?! It's 10 o'clock in the morning on a blustery...

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Community Artist Call-out!

Back from the Brink needs YOU! We're looking for 5 creative talents, from any specialty, to run a series of small events/workshops across England starting from April 2019 till March 2020. If you have a passion for people, place, nature and engagement then take a look. We'd love to see a range of skills apply...

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The art of stealth and the evolution of the ambush

There is a nocturnal arms race taking place above our meadows and wetlands. The race for survival between Grey Long-Eared Bats and their moth prey has been evolving for millennia – but who will win?   The reason Grey Long-Eared Bats echolocate so quietly is a prime example of co-evolution. There is a race going...

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