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Each month we have a guest curator who selects some of their favourite pieces from the virtual exhibition to display in their collection.

Jack Wallington

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Jack Wallington

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Art in all its forms, to me, is about a feeling or capturing how each of our unique personalities see the world. Photography can help capture a fast moving bird, or zoom in for more detail to show people what they may otherwise miss. Painting and drawing helps convey our feelings and mood in ways photography can’t. As a writer, I love the written word and the experiences that conversation shares with whoever cares to read it.

I am delighted the RSPB is exploring the relationship between us and nature through art and creativity. Often the connection we feel to the natural world can only be explained via creative expression and art.

Too often art is focussed inward on humanity and I believe there is a much bigger role art and artists can do to raise the profile of biodiversity loss by looking outwards. Firstly by documenting that loss, capturing what is truly happening around the world as habitats vanish, ecosystem collapse because of insecticides, and species going extinct. Also by helping people to understand the natural world and how we are part of it. Finally by also showing what a future could look like if we act to protect nature, and if we don’t.

The great thing about art is that it not only reflects specific culture, it crosses cultural boundaries, helping us to better understand one another. It comes in all forms too, from songs and music, poetry and writing, to drawing, painting and photography. Art allows us to communicate in all manner of ways, to break through barriers that typical channels like politics cannot.

The only way to save wildlife is through collaboration. I am grateful Back from the Brink brings conservation organisations, landowners and farmers together in this way. It’s vital such initiatives are also international because conservation is a global issue, not just a local one, and time is running out.

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