Meet at the Town Hall, Malmesbury.

Date: Friday the 17th of Jan 2020


5:30 - 7pm.

Join us for a Fun Wassailing Lantern Parade at Malmesbury Town Hall.

Back from the Brink invites you to join us for a fun and creative event to celebrate the Barberry Carpet Moth. This beautiful little moth is very rare and we are working hard to increase its numbers in this area.
So come along and join in this family friendly celebratory parade!
We are meeting at the Town Hall at 5.30 pm ready to start the parade at 6pm. The parade will be led by the Deputy Mayor and we will follow him through the town with our brightly lit lanterns. Come along even if you don't have a lantern and show your love for wildlife!

Don't have a lantern and want to make one? Here's a PDF with all you need - Lantern Poster

Any further questions, please contact: mothlanternparade@gmail.com