Bedford Purlieus Nature Reserve

Peterborough PE8 6NN Grid ref: TL042995

Date: 21st November

Time: 10am - 3.30pm

Radiant Glades - Woodland Habitat Conservation Work Party- Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve

As part of our Roots of Rockingham project, get fit in the fresh air while helping wildlife with Back from the Brink volunteers clearing woodland glades in Bedford Purlieus.

This important habitat work takes place in areas where machinery is unable to access. removing the invasive bracken and regenerating birch allows plenty of light to reach the woodland floor and provides a continuity of open habitat for a range of species.

Hot drinks and biscuits awarded to all who brave the elements in the name of conservation!

Free event but booking required.

Contact Liz Morrison at rootsofrockingham@butterfly-conservation.org or on 01780 444067 to book your place or for more information.