Saving Marsh Clubmoss - Volunteer Training and survey day.

Holt Heath, nr Wimborne.

Marsh Clubmoss (Lycopodiella inundata) is a highly endangered species which historically had a stronghold in the Dorset Heaths. However we believe it is starting to severe decline in the county, and we are urgently setting up a monitoring network to keep an eye on it.

This open day will train volunteers to;
• accurately identify the plants and their associate species,
• carry out counts and habitat assessments
• predict areas likely to support new populations

Plus meet other volunteers, and the organisations working to save these
By the end of the day we also hope to have an up to date picture of the
populations found on Holt Heath.
The day is aimed at individuals who are looking to become species monitors,
and take on the monitoring of a site into the future.

Attendance is free but booking essential: or call 01722 322539