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MSB Seed Vault

Frozen in Time

Over 2 billion seeds are stored at RBG Kew’s Millennium...
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Alexandre Roux, Flickr, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Bats on the Brink

The past few weeks have seen some interesting weather in...
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Back from the Brink monthly roundup – March

March has flown by… And what a month! They say...
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Willow Tit -5 - c Ian Buttler

A peek into the life of a Willow Tit volunteer

  I am a student gaining work experience with Yorkshire...
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SP09_M_Formica_exsecta_copyright_Andrew_Whitehouse 1500

Update from the Narrow-headed Ant

Early morning frost cladding reduces the gorse and grass tussocks...
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The Pine Marten and squirrel conundrum…

Can Pine Martens ‘control’ Grey Squirrels? There has been a...
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Anyone for Cricket?

If you go out to the heaths of Surrey or...
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sav enclosures feb18 079

Haloing, lichens and our ancients

We all know how important light is in order for...
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Back from the Brink – securing the legacy

The length and breadth of England, Back from the Brink...
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Update from Shifting Sands

It’s been a very busy start of the year for...
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2018 will see the second major Willow Tit survey across the Dearne Valley NIA!

As part of the Back from the Brink project, we...
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Cricket Tickling

With snow on the ground as I write this, it...
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Introducing the Seedbank project

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is the largest wild seed...
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Ben Andrew Header for website

Introducing Colour in the Margins

Beneath the tufted ears of wheat or the stubble-stalks of...
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Update from the Barberry Carpet Moth project

Well we are 8 months into the project now and...
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Back from the Brink monthly roundup

Back from the Brink has been full steam ahead since...
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Chrispd1975, Flickr, CC BY-ND 4.0 1500

It’s all go for the Lesser Butterfly Orchid!

Work has started to help the Lesser Butterfly Orchid at...
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Willow Tit - c Ian Buttler 1800

National Nest Box Week!

As spring draws nearer, Willow Tits are out and about...
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Purbeck mason wasp_Durwyn Liley

Managing our Heathland Heart: revitalising species through active management

Wandering through Dorset’s heaths in the blustery winter twilight, when...
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Podcast from the Brink: the oiliest beetle…?

It's a cold November evening in the Cotswolds, the base...
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Chrispd1975, Flickr, CC BY-ND 4.0 1500

Introducing the Lesser Butterfly Orchid

My interest in orchids started as a teenager, working in...
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Gems in the Dunes is ready for 2018

What a first few months we have had on the...
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Ditrichum cornubicum2 - Des Callaghan

The mystery of the Cornish Path Moss…

Nestled below the wild landscape of Bodmin Moor, sitting among...
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Chequered skipper Carterocephalus palaemon

Winter Roots of Rockingham

The first few months have flown by as I’ve been...
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Anisus vorticulus by Toby Abrehart 6 1500

What stops growing in the winter?

Luckily the Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail is able to withstand...
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Willow tit_Ron Knight

Winter Willow Tits

It has been a busy five months since I started...
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Where have all the crickets gone?

Did you know that Field Crickets were once reintroduced to...
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Ben Andrew 3 1500

Here’s to the first six months!

We have spent a lot of time in this first...
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Christmas update from Shifting Sands

It’s been a busy month for the Shifting Sands team....
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Ancient Oak, Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire, June

Life begins at 400! #ourancients

Trees improve with age, they say life begins at 40...
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Alexandre Roux, Flickr, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Where have all the bats gone?

One of the things about bats that really got me...
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Donald Macauley, Flickr. CC BY-SA 4.0 1500

Welcome to Back from the Brink (part 1)

Hi everyone, I’m James Harding-Morris, Communications Manager for Back from...
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Rugged Oil Beetle - c Emma Burt

The Rugged Oil Beetle

We are now 5 months into our Back from the...
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Shifting Sands is making progress!

Shifting Sands is making progress! Over the last couple of...
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How to spot a Willow Tit

In our last two Willow Tit blogs, we introduced the...
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Introducing the Pine Marten

Hello all. This is just a short paragraph or two...
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Introducing the Grey Long-eared Bat

Starting this project has been an exciting time for me....
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Introducing Gems in the Dunes

Having grown up around coastal sand dunes I believe it...
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Introducing the Barberry Carpet Moth

The start of the Barberry Carpet Project has been a...
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Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail - Anisus vorticulus

Introducing the Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail

The diggers are out as I write. They’ve started creating...
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Field Cricket Gryllus campestris, adult male, Pulborough, West Sussex, May

Introducing the Field Cricket

Tickling Field Crickets is always a game of patience. This...
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Adder RSPB 4

Introducing Roots of Rockingham

The much anticipated Back from the Brink project has finally...
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Introducing Dorset’s Heathland Heart

These are early days for me as Outreach Officer for...
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Pic for Willow Tit Blog 1

Why the Willow Tit?

The Willow Tit – the small bird that thinks it’s...
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Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae

Introducing Shifting Sands

In the last few weeks we’ve been getting ready to...
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Introducing the Ladybird Spider

Fortunate and privileged. This is how I feel to be...
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IMGL9684 1500

Introducing Limestone’s Living Legacies

Having worked in conservation for 10 years in my home...
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Introducing the Narrow-headed Ant

I’ve come to see a thatched dwelling in Devon. There...
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Shrill carder bee Bombus sylvarum (c) Peter Harvey

Introducing the Shrill Carder Bee

From the very start, I feel as if the project...
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2 - c Ian Buttler

Introducing the Willow Tit

Before I started working for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust two years...
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Introducing Black-tailed Godwits

Black-tailed Godwits are beautiful, large, wading birds. In the summer,...
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